About Us

The vintage notebook is an amalgamation of both Will Kahn and Jenna Blake’s passion for timeless jewelry and the art of collecting. The idea that brought these two friends together was a desire to share their passion for “jewels with a past”, with a new generation of future collectors. It’s a holistic approach to jewelry collecting and styling- breaking many of the taboos associated with vintage pieces. Fearful that some of the most amazing periods in jewelry design would become lost arts of bygone eras, Will and Jenna sought out to bridge the generation gap. With a modern jewelry lover in mind the two experts hope to expose their audience to vintage and antique designs in a less intimidating context. By making their vintage pieces more accessible to their audience, they will reveal many of the initial precursors to some of today’s best styles and trends. Jenna and Will can not wait to bring their two worlds together and share their monthly eclectic curations with each of their loyal followings- as well as a whole new audience who appreciates the art of collecting.